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About Us

The mission and vision of our family-run company Infinity is to offer our customers products of the highest quality, enabling them to pursue a healthy lifestyle and a good quality of life. We want to achieve this by providing and constantly expanding a wide selection of products.


All our new products that are being launched to market tell a story – that’s our path to success. The customers are impressed by the ground-breaking way in which we present our products. We always bear in mind our customers, their quality of life and the possibilities to pamper their taste buds.


This has helped us to achieve recognisability in the market. We always know how to surprise people! Our unending creativity and innovative ideas are the reason why our partners are now always curious and eager to find out what's new. With the brands we market, we have helped our business partners a great deal as well as enhanced their offer.


Our know-how, abilities, experience, commitment, quick response, global vision and innovation make it possible for us to be the first and the best! By applying ethical principles in our work and maintaining a respectful relationship with our business partners, we have gained their complete trust, and this keeps us even more motivated.


The Infiniti company designs a wide range of brands for business partners who want to be different, creative and the best.


Our motto is “Be different”.




INFINITI, Goran Žagar s.p.

Grablovičeva ulica 24

SI-1000 Ljubljana

Goran Žagar, Director

M: +386 (0)41 654 556

E: goran.zagar1@siol.net

VAT No: SI50292633

Registration number: 7010613000

IBAN: SI56 0201 0026 1859 323 (NLB d.d.)