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Crop's smoothies

All work – from growing fruits and vegetables to preparing the final product, i.e. Crop's mixtures for smoothies, is carried out with respect for the environment and the people. We are committed to reducing waste, recycling, minimizing the use of packaging, keeping low energy consumption, preserving the environment and protecting wildlife in the areas where we grow the ingredients for our smoothies.


Origin and quality of ingredients

Crop’s provides the finest and most carefully selected ingredients for smoothies. All fruit is grown and ripened exclusively on plantations. This way, the fruits are picked at its very peak of ripeness for the maximum preservation of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. We have more than 30 years of experience in cultivating plants on almost all continents of the world, in the most favourable climate for a particular plant. For example, our pineapples come from Costa Rica, mangos from Peru, berries from Serbia, pears from Italy etc. We are proud to guarantee full traceability of our fruits so you know exactly where the ingredients of your smoothie come from. All fruits are pre-packed and frozen in accordance with the IQF freezing method. This ensures maximum preservation of the flavours and texture, keeping the fruits nutritious and the quality intact. We are proud to keep strict control with double quality checks, since this is the only way to provide the best that the nature offers on its amazingly colourful tray.

Advantages of Crop's smoothies

  • The fruit is carefully selected in the best growing regions around the world.
  • 100% natural fruit content without added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours and pasteurization.
  • IQF freezing method guarantees a higher amount of vitamins in the smoothies compared to fresh fruit.
  • Our season lasts 12 month, therefore all flavours of smoothies are available throughout the year.
  • Product traceability.
  • Consistent quality and flavour.
  • Expiry date: 24 month.
  • Easy storage.

IQF method

The term IQF stands for “individually quick frozen”.

This means that every single piece of fruit is frozen separately from others, therefore each bag of IQF fruit contains individually frozen fruits, not a solid block of frozen fruit.

It has been proven that by using the IQF method, the freshly frozen products retain all nutrients. Another advantage is that the ice crystals do not damage the cell walls as opposed to the ordinary freezing process.